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Docsoft, Incorporated

Liberating Speech | Docsoft's History

Bringing the spoken word to life for individuals with hearing impairment

In 1998, Kurt Martin, founder of Docsoft, was working for the US Postal Service and observed a growing need for digitized training manuals. He took his idea for meeting this specialized need and matched it with individuals who had the technology training and background to make it happen and Docsoft Incorporated was born. Over the next several years, Docsoft established their presence in the software market through development of Interactive Electronic Training Manuals (IETMs), xml technology and customized software solutions for its growing list of clients. At the same time, opportunities were emerging for new developments in the world of Assistive Technology. Recognizing the need for innovative solutions in this field, Docsoft visionaries began to experiment with different forms of these emerging technologies that could allow for automated speech to text recognition, automated transcription, automated closed captioning, and searchable text capabilities. The first prototypes for combining automatic speech recognition, closed captioning and transcript editing were soon in development.

During this same period, Docsoft executives became acquainted with local Businessman and Entreprenuer, Phil Miller. Already the president and CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in North America, Long Wave Incorporated, Phil saw the product Docsoft was developing and recognized the potential for impacting the hearing impaired community in a great way. Not only did this product help businesses, schools, universities and public entities meet their need to provide closed captioning and transcriptioning services to their clients, it also opened the gateway to accessibility for individuals with hearing impairment to attend college classes, research audio files at the library, utilize interactive media on the web, or participate in a myriad of activities they would otherwise be unable to. Being the humanitarian and smart businessman he is, Phil was immediately drawn to this endeavor and invested in the company. In 2002, Phil purchased Docsoft and focused the company’s mission on providing captioning and audio video search solutions while building cutting edge technologies and building strong relationships with our customers and the community.

Today, Docsoft is a leading provider of audio video (AV) search and closed captioning systems. By leveraging the capabilities of automatic speech recognition, Docsoft provides software and hardware tools that allow customers to quickly and easily search spoken content within the digital audio and video files. Through our products and services Docsoft is truly "Liberating Speech"®.