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Docsoft, Incorporated

Docsoft's Transcription Editor

Docsoft:TE's primary function is to allow for easy correction and modification of transcripts that are generated automatically using the Docsoft:AV Audio Mining tool. With an easy to use, dynamic interface, Docsoft:TE makes editing transcripts in near real-time easier than you ever imagined.

Docsoft:TE's unique capabilities let the user:
  • Quickly replace or delete whole words;
  • Follow (highlight) individual words during playback;
  • See words with low speech recognition confidence;
  • Automatically time stamp newly typed text;
  • Export the transcript in one of the caption formats: QT Text, SCC, SAMI, DFXP, and more.

Docsoft:TE application screenshot

Docsoft:TE Accessibility

To learn how Docsoft:TE fits in with your accessibility requirements, please view the following :