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Online Captioning, Transcription & Time Synchronization Services

Introducing Docsoft:AVS - The Solution to doing more with less

Docsoft:AVS login

Did you know that Docsoft is also a transcript company? What isn't common is a company with our history offering you the services you require at an unbeatable price. Docsoft's techology advancements allow us to outshine our competition while providing high quality transcripts at a much lower price. Our team of transcriptionists will provide fast, cost effective, and accurate results. Docsoft understands that most organizations are trying to do more with less. That is why we designed the Docsoft Services solution. We call this solution Docsoft:AVS.

One-Stop Shop

The Docsoft:AVS solution utilizes the Docsoft:AV appliance and the Docsoft:TE software to provide Closed Captions and Transcripts. It also provides users with an automatic transcription, time codes, or a manually produced transcript. Basically, the Docsoft:AVS is an automated captioning system that allows users to submit media content electronically via our web interface.

Simple yet affordable

Screenshot of the Docsoft:AVS main page

The Docsoft:AVS process is simple. The user will login to the Docsoft: AVS website, choose from three available options: Automatic Speech Recognition, Manual Transcription, or Time Synchronization.

Automatic Speech Recognition is when the user provides only the audio/video file and we provide the automatic transcript and time synchronization allowing you to view your file with closed captioning. With Time Synchronization, the user provides the audio/video file and the transcript. Manual Transcription requires the user to provide only the audio/video file and we provide the manual transcript.

Upon choosing the option that will best fit the user’s needs, you simply browse for your file and click submit for the file to be sent to us for processing. Once the file has been completed, the user will receive an email notification letting them know the process is complete and they can log in to retrieve their file.

What's more is that Docsoft:AVS gives you the cheapest alternative to bringing your digital media to life. Click here to see our standard pricing list. For bulk pricing, please contact your Sales Representative.

Making your videos accessible

With all of our options the captions that we provide are placed at the bottom of the screen out of the way of the video but still clearly visible for the audience. The text is large and in a color that does not blend with the video. Docsoft has the ability to accept files via ftp website or through the US Mail system. Docsoft also has the ability to process multiple formats including but not limited to VHS, DVD, Cassette Tape, and internet videos such as .mp4, and .flv. When processing VHS, DVD, or Cassette Tapes we keep the original intact and unaltered and produce a separate closed captioned deliverable. Docsoft’s standard turnaround time to provide the manual transcript and closed captioning is 3-4 business days and expedited turnaround is 1-2 business days.

Watch a quick overview given by Docsoft's own, Mike Robichaux, as he demonstrates the uses and benefits of our Docsoft:AV audio mining appliance and our new Docsoft:AVS online captioning solution. Watch the video

If you do not have an account, please send registration request to our sales team.